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  1. Another thread elsewhere set me thinking about this.

    Now that EMC has implemented the Purchase Rupees facility and with that, I feel, become more open to the opportunity to fill their coffers, it'd be interesting to see an option to pay for your Membership for the entire year.

    People may say that's somewhat ambitious in an environment like MC to pay for a years subscription, but if it were (aha) supported with some serious bonuses to do so, then you'd probably get my dosh.

    If I'm Gold, for a year I'm only looking at $120 which as we all know in Real Money© (That's Sterling, by the way!) is £75 at current rates. So if you were to stick on a big Rupees bonus or perhaps a Gift of some sort, I'd happily annually subscribe.

  2. I am considering becoming an Iron supporter, and if there was some kind of bonus for a yearlong subscription, I would totally pay the $60 at the beginning of the year. JustinGuy, you should add this:
    6 month iron subscription: 200 rupees bonus. 12 month iron subscription: 500 rupee bonus.
    6 month gold subscription: 1000 rupee bonus. 12 month gold subscription: 2500 rupee bonus PLUS some free items.
    6 month diamond subscription: 3000 rupee bonus PLUS some free items. 12 mos. diamond subscription: 7000 rupee bonus PLUS a bunch of free items.
    This would give people the incentive to become supporters for longer periods of time.
  3. This isn't the place to get into what kind of bonuses should be given, if it were implemented then EMC would no doubt research what makes the best solution.

    The bonuses you suggest for example give no incentive at all to annually subscribe. 200r bonus for 6 months? That's not even a days bonus for an Iron supporter.
  4. Perhaps the bonus could be in the form of a cheaper subscription? Or it could be in the form of more months. Like buy 1 year get 3 months free or something like that?
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  5. That would be awesome or like buy 1 year get a stack of diamonds for diamonds, 2 1/2 stacks gold for gold, and 4 stacks iron for iron
  6. The examples I've always come across with a monthly or annual payment option generally have the annual set slightly cheaper as opposed to 1yr 3 months free etc. I think that would be the better option, but obviously it's what impact that may have on the long-term revenue for EMC in those instances.
    If 100 Diamond subscribers buy a years subscription that has a month free within that year (Pay now for 11 months, get the 12th month free!), apart from the EMC heads hiring a yacht and some strippers, you're losing potentially $2000 in that free month.

    At the same time though, it'd be interesting to see if you were to decide to make it a non-refundable payment, which is the sensible option from an administrative point of view and would make it a better earner (Someone pays for a year, leaves after four months).
    So perhaps it's more beneficial for you to get the one-off larger payment at a slightly reduced rate than steady monthly premiums at the base rate?

    Failing a real world financial incentive, the Rupee incentive would need to be based off the current Donations slider I think. So it maxes out at $100 which gets you 60,000r. A one-off annual payment could therefore feasibly get you 37,500r which is what you'd get if you'd donated $120 with no bonus applied (give or take)
    That's definitely an incentive.

    Something to look into anyway.

    Alternatively, aye, "Buy 12 months, get a stack of Diamonds free!"


    P.S - I just noticed that on the Rupee slide you can go up to $500 for 900,000r. C'mon now. Round it up to one nice, tidy million. :)
  7. Haha it is all based off of a formula :)
  8. Yay for algebra! ROFL
  9. Haha it is actually really simple, here it is in PHP:

    $base = 300;	
    $bonus = (floor($dollars / 10)*10) / 100;		
    $rupees = intval($dollars * $base + ($dollars * $base * $bonus));
    And yes I am not a math whiz, I am sure someone will point out an easier way to do this :(

    Edit: the code is basically, you start with 300 rupees per dollar. You then get a 10% bonus for each 10 dollars (so $100 is 100% bonus). The $bonus statement is just saying how many times does 10 fit into the dollars, and then divide by 100 to make a percentage. the $rupees statement is saying take the total dollars and multiply it by 300 (the base) and then add any bonus.
  10. Formula:
    With X being the dollars paid, and Y being the number of rupees:
    This works too. I'll work on making a Java program that does it.