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  1. I must of typed in somthin by accident cause every time on click on something it fills up half my chat box with information on the area im in, such as who owns it, flags given and such. Its kind of annoying and makes it difficult to talk to other ppl and work. Can some one tell me how to shut it off?
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  2. Avoid holding string and left clicking, and avoid breaking placed string.
  3. Clicking with string shows your residence info, so the same as /res info. Dont hold it and you'll be fine.
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  4. oh wow i feel rly dumb, XD
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  5. Oh yeah, this has been a glitch for me.
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  6. The string thing is intentional. :)
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  7. And I it was a hack! ;)
  8. It is intentional, but outdated.
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  11. I like the String thing. I see it as a feature, not a bug or anything like that
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  12. It really annoys me, but I guess thats the price one pays for using a 200+ obsidian generator:p
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