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  1. my new shop! (sadly it isn't even open yet! LOL)

    i just wanted to show everyone what it looks like! and what i will be selling, it will be open as soon as i can, i am currently trying to get as much items stocked up as i can before i open so i don't run out easily.

    sound like a plan? i think so!

    server 7 15115

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  2. Looking good I must come along when its done it looks like a nice and simple layout :)
  3. Very nice! I also made a very cool shop!
  4. Thank you! =] I'm glad you liked it. I will notify when its ready (I have no idea how long its going to take :() that's the only problem. Haha.
  5. What are you planning to sell?
  6. the shop is up, not selling very much though, mostly food items, some tools, a little bit of mined goods, and a small amount of blocks. still working on getting more things, though. enjoy. =]
  7. Can't wait to see the final product.