(ANNOUNCEMENT) The 12th Doctor

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  1. And the winner is.....

    Peter Capaldi

    Now discuss all you whovians out there!!!
  2. I cant wait!!!! :D Im really excited to see who it will be! :D :D
  3. I sadly gave up on Doctor who long ago, but I'll watch this just for interests.
  4. I cant even access season 7.... Damn you netflix! xD
  5. I swear, my tumblr dash is gonna explode even though I dont follow that many doctor who fandom blogs. :eek:

    EDIT: It has begun... also that isnt me btw

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  6. Well, in the interview, Matt Smith said "he".
  7. I just barely started watching Doctor Who, it is amazing!
  8. Yes then its an addiction when you watch a whole season in less than a day....
  9. Peter Capaldi? This will be interesting...
  10. I'm not happy...
  11. Neither am I. :I
  12. I was trying to google them, I thought it was "Gapoldi".
  13. Seriously! Peter Capaldi! :O...

    Its going to be a really odd season this time!

  15. Yeah I saw that World War Z thing on his IMDB page, He's also been in Doctor Who back in 2008 as Caecilius. 10 and Donna were in Pompeii.
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  16. I was hoping we would like get a 1 in a million chance and have Tennant come back.... D:
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  17. '98?
    He was also in "Children of Earth" episode of Torchwood
  18. Me too. I'd rather have 10...or even 11 change his mind. They're my favorites.
    I mean 2008. I'm retarded.

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  19. same....