Announcement: QuarterStop Inc. Stadium

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  1. Greetings EMC!

    I'm lego7883, Vice President and Marketing Executive at QuarterStop Inc. headquartered on SMP3.
    We've greenlighted a project to construct a stadium for EMC events on SMP3. This stadium will be available to be rented by organizations and individuals, as well as QuarterStop Inc. events.

    The stadium is currently in the planning stages. Designs are currently being drafted.
    Any individual or organization who wishes to make a contribution (be it funds, materials, labor etc.) is invited to contact me and we will arrange something.

    An estimated completion date will be released once the project gets going.

    We need to raise 50 thousand rupees to purchase the materials!
  2. Sounds interesting. I will donate stone or cobblestone if you are using either in your build
  3. Those would definitely be used and appreciated!

  4. Okay I'll get together a few dcs and have them ready for you
  5. three dcs at 13358 go to black floor
  6. So I'm in an event group (SSSS) and once this is built I'm sure we would be interested in using it.
  7. I can design you a stadium in singleplayer for a fee, then you can build it wherever on here you want. PM me with what you want it to look like if you want to take up my offer.
  8. I already have a designer and builder, at this point I am just raising funds to purchase the materials.
  9. You spelled my name wrong on the access sign. Only one G
  10. sorry fixed