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What Anime Is Better?

Fairy Tail 2 vote(s) 100.0%
Naruto 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hello Everyone!

    Today I gather you all here to talk about anime :3 I love anime, its the best. Anime has shaped my life a lot and I do like manga to! I will share what anime I like and you should do the same below :D You can also start discussions on that anime but keep in mind that not everyone might be finished with that anime so try not to spoil! So here are the anime I have and am watching:

    -Naruto ( still watching )
    My favorite characters from Naruto are Kakashi, Zabuza, and Garra

    -Fairy Tail ( still watching )
    My favorite character is Gray

    -Shugo Chara ( still watching, almost finished )
    my favorite character is Ikuto

    -Avatar the last airbender ( finished and watched about x10 )
    My favorite character is Zuko

    -Legend of Korra ( finished and watched about x10 )
    My favorite character is Mako

    -Yu-Gi-Oh ( Have not started yet )

    -Swords Art ( Have not started yet )

    -Fruits Basket ( finished )
    My favorite character is Kyo

    -Beyblade ( still watching )
    My favorite character is Kyoya

    -Kamisama Hajimemashita ( still watching/I am abandoning this anime....I think )

    My favorite idea XD

    Also if you have any anime suggestions for me and others that would be great :D

    My favorite theme song is Fairy Tails
    A friend of mine caught me humming this in class and was like "Are you humming Fairy Tail's theme song?!?!" and we freaked out when I said yes XD I also cant stop listening to this and idk why, its so sad but yet beautiful:
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  2. Also I use Netflix and for watching anime, if you want to check those 2 things out :)
    I have a feeling you already know what Netflix is XD
  3. because this thread is dead have some Maki
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  4. neinneinneinneinneinneinneinneinneinneinnien

  5. anime... im also kinda fan ^.^

    i like 4 watching, u can watch free episodes which is really cool. yugioh is also free 4 watching online using the official site.

    my favs: neon genesis evangelion (duh! ^.^), macross pluss, ghost in the shell, digimon (1st series), scrapped princess, serial experiments lain.
  6. The only anime that matters: