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  1. I know there are people that watch a lot of anime here. I need more anime to watch :D So it's perfect. You recommend an anime for me to watch and then we're both happy :p

    EDIT: If you recommend something and I like it and watch the whole thing, I will reward you with a sc of quartz ore <3 There can be more than one person to get a reward :3

    Another Edit: Must be anime I haven't already seen to get reward.

    Another-nother Edit: If you recommend more than one anime and I like more than one of them, you can only get the reward for one anime recommended. Meaning, you can only get 1 sc of quartz ore max per person if rewarded.

    Sorry for the many edits. I just want people to be clear on the rewards thing. This might also take me a while to get through the list of anime so please be patient with me. Thanks guys <3
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  2. Another :D Its a really good creepy anime ^.^ i has alot of gore though, so ya :p If u want a cute one watch kaichou wa maid, its cute but funny xD and theres a bit of romance
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  3. I honestly think I am the only one who doesn't like anime...not that anythings wrong with it, just opinion.
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  4. I know a person who can link you THOUSANDS of good animes. Have you tried talking to Kuraudochuu? c:
  5. Kill la kill is epic
    Recently the newest season of Kuroshitsuji finished, it was short, but great, huge fan if Kuroshitsuji for anyone who recognizes my skin XP, unless you haven't seen Kuroshitsuji you should :D
    For an ongoing Anime I've been watching right now Tokyo Ghoul has been really amazing, can't wait for more episodes to come out
    FREE! Iwatobi swim club <3 and haven't watched eternal summr, yet but since it's FREE! I know it'll be great! XD
    And that's a short list from the top of my head, I might suggest more if you've already seen these or otherwise :D
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  6. Well, Let me finish watching Zero no Tsukaima first. I'm on the last episode. So I'll start watching others soon :3 Do you think you can ask Kura to post something here? :3

    I'm not super obssessed with it that i would cosplay and go to fanime, but it's alright to watch it once in a while if I find a good one to watch. :p My friends from a diff mc server were talking about anime one time, and I just started watching random ones lol
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  7. Mirai Nikki <- Amazing Imo
    Madoka Magica <- The Feels ):
    Akame Ga kill! <- It's ongoing but I am enjoying it so... yeah!

    I know some more but I don't remember...
    Edit: Angel Beats! <- ;__; sad
  8. Hunter x Hunter
    One piece
    Death Note
    Full Metal Brotherhood
    Space Dandy

    All some of my favorites
  9. Seen Those and love them <3
  10. Katanagatari has a unique style but good story
    Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
    Space Dandy
    Gurren Lagann
    Log Horizon< you may think it's Sao clone but awesome story compared to Sao
    Blue Gender: Horror, Dark nature anime.
    Evangelion: 1.1 and rest of series movies
    And of course.. I have to say because for sake of Love & Peace, Trigun
  11. Fate Zero
    No Game No Life < !!!!
    Sword Art Online
  12. Rurouni Kenshin, the series, not the film
  13. Jake_Bagby hates it :p

    I don't watch very much anime, but I've finished pretty much all of these and enjoy them:
    • Attack on Titan (who hasn't seen this yet? >.>)
    • Dragon Ball Z (Pretty sure people have watched this too...)
    • Death Note (Some people haven't seen this :p)
    • Black Lagoon
    • High School of the Dead (almost turns into Hentai about halfway through, and the whole thing is kinda etchy... but, nevertheless, its a good watch, even if it does fanservice way too much.)
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  14. Also, if you've watched DBZ, you should watch DBZ Abridged.
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  15. I recommend stopping before Alfheim online ark starts just honestly feel that last part was terrible :(

    Since someone mentioned One piece, might as well mention Naruo and my personal favorite of the three, Bleach, but they're really lengthy of course :D

    speaking of the color blue... Ao no Exorcist is good :D
    And Black rock shooter, you'll see Deadmaster there *wink* XP

    And since you've seen Deathnote, you should watch Bakuman, it's amazing!
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  16. I never found that...'funny'. I found that one episode of Attack on Titan Abridged hilarious though, for some reason :p
  17. @DaemonSpadeXD I think the Alfheim arc is another important part of the story. Also there is currently the next 20 epis airing. They are at epi 11 now (so the anime has 31 currently). But I suppose the new arc might not be your fav either Daemon.
  18. The new one with guns haven't seen yet, but I'll check it out eventually, haven't watch Anime as much as I used (and wanted to) to recently
  19. Cowboy Bebop.
    And lemme blow the dust offa this one...Starblazers. That's the one that got me started on anime.

  20. Watch Boku No Pico ;)