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  1. Hi guys Kick here with yet another thread. Here you can share animations that you have made. The animations don't have to be Minecraft animations, but the have to have someting that is related to Minecraft, for example, pixels. Have fun! I have posted an example here.

  2. Just made this animation today. (Btw, your video is private. :p )

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  3. Can't view it :( Watching thread for now :p
  4. Bro nice btw ik its private so i made it so anyone with the link can see it the reason i do this is so my parents wont see it
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  5. Whats PPC Inc.?
  6. A company I made in EMC a bit back.. It's inactive, currently. :p

    Anyways, I made a new animation! It's really derpy though...
  7. "Derp"
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