[Animation] Earn 20,000 Rupees

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  1. Hey guys, i found this old signature of mine.
    It's very outdated, both residence number wise and skin wise.
    Therefore i need you awesome people to update it.

    That's how it looks.
    Stuff you need to change:
    Mall: /v 1112
    Hotel: /v 1211
    Skin needs update - skin: https://i.imgur.com/EQa29L9.png
    Dragon gotta come up with a thing saying "Original Dragon Egg Owner" instead og Dragon Egg owner.
    You can do your own little extras to it if you like, :)
  2. I'm afraid there's more than photoshop involved in editing a .gif. I've been in graphics for a year or so, working with photoshop and cinema 4D and in my eyes it would be less of a pain to start over than to edit this. :/
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  3. I definitely agree. I use pixelmator, and I would have to edit every individual image in the gif rather than one in itself. Who made it for you? You should ask them to make you another new one.
  4. The guy that made it for me has left the Empire.
    I've already tried to contact him, without luck..
  5. You'll have to contact someone else that can make a gif effectively. Presumably someone who does at least partially animated YouTube videos. Once you have a PUBLIC YouTube video, post the link and Ill make it a postable gif from there.
  6. I won't waste your time, I'll just tell you to find a .gif artist. Editing a .gif with general GfX tools will require the artist to edit every single frame.

    Also, consulting a still-image artist like myself will do you no good, you must contact an animator.

    Goodluck finding somebody. :)
  7. As I said, You can make it a YouTube video, then give me the link and Ill turn it into a gif
  8. Where will i find an animator :p?
  9. Post a new thread saying looking for an animator to do this and that.
  10. I already got this thread running.
    Lets wait and see, i know EMC got some great animators :)
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  11. Change the title to LOOKING FOR ANIMATORS 20,000 rupees.
  12. Looks like people have already said this, but yeah just make a thread called "Looking for an animator!"

    Like I said, good luck :p
  13. Who was the member?
    Just want to know :3
  14. I think Jeanzl might do some of that stuff.
  15. I can design a background for the signature, but my text-on-photos sucks.
    Here's an example of one of my backgrounds: