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  1. When I got all my animals stood up, i went outside the residence and they all disappeared why did it happen? Nobody touched them they just randomly disappeared. HELP THEY COST ME LOADS OF RUPEES!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. also when i accadently dropped my diamond axe it disappeared
  3. Were they untamed? If so they'll despawn if you get more than a certain distance away
  4. no i tamed them all and they just disappeered
  5. 3 wolfs and tonnes of cats
  6. by the way the problems all happened on the sandstone paths
  7. Due to the new update animals on the sandstone paths will be wait brb let me tranform into a sheep.
    As I was saying GRASS! I see some grass on the sidewalk!
    So as I was saying animals di...
  8. I'm guessing it's the path problem, maybe it should be made so tamed animals that aren't sat down don't despawn on them... Anyway, sorry for your loss, I've sent you 250r to help you buy back a new set :)
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    Thank you in advance. :)

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  10. I will push a new entity limiter tonight thatll fix this..

    We set it to auto remove entities on the town road, to get rid of all the existing chickens and such on the roads, but we can see animals following you onto the road can be an issue...
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  11. I hadn't thought of it, but that could explain how I lost three dogs last night. I just had them follow me across the road back to their pen. First time raising pets in town. Didn't know logging in unsits them so they can teleport to you.
  12. I've sent you 500r to re buy your animals - Sorry to hear a glitch like this happened to you.

    Also - Aikar - Your Signature is just showing a Picture frame
  13. thanks everyone! Hopefully it wont happen to other people.