animals stuck in neighbors yard

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  1. Dear empire minecraft,

    i have a mooshroom,cow, and pig stick in my neighbors ditch and that character is never on his plot # is 4069 on sever smp2 if anyone could help me i would be extremely greatfull and also if you check my rupees records i bought 2 mooshrooms and 1 cow and a pig pls help

  2. p.s since that person isnt on the person never lets the animals out :(
  3. now my 2 cows are satuck in there 2 :( :,(
  4. You can say who it is by the way.
  5. This creates issues because:

    A: It's in a ditch and can't be lured out with wheat

    B: This player never logs on

    C: A moderator/adminstrator will not help you (Mods will not help with something like this, nor will admins)

    Likely solution: You won't get the animals back and you'll be forced to buy new ones
  6. Quite untrue, i was happy to retrieve your animals fragrance123, you will find them in your animal pen again. I would recommend a double wall though, as they do tend to glitch through single walls/fences, and maybe breed a few more with wheat so even if some do escape you still have breeding stock. :)
  7. Well, I can't be right everytime :p
    I do agree with shaun that fences are definitely necceaary
  8. Thanks for posting! I've been coming home to my pigs and sheep all over my yard, and I was wondering what was causing them to escape.
  9. I suggest taking these extra sheep and eggifying them, in case you happen to have them glitch out again
  10. thank you so much im glad to onot pay alot for new anmals