Animals escaping

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  1. I seem to lose some animals when I log off. they are encaged by two blocks high of a fence, and one block high of dirt on top of the fences. I just put the dirt there to try to prevent any more escaping, but how would I prevent this from happening in the future should my method not work?
  2. Try "burying" your animals (Keeping them underground) with a wall of at least 2 blocks thick.
  3. These animals are REALLY glitchy, They glitch through walls, etc. Best method is walls of glass, 4 blocks high, then behind the glass a layer of fence 4 blocks high. +There should probably be a roof, just for safety
  4. Yeah sorry, animals are still very VERY glitchy in MC, sadly nothing I can do about it :(
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  5. Yeah, I have my animals in buried pits with each wall at least 3 blocks thick, but they still glitch through, and sometimes into the walls. I find beef an chicken laying around every once in a while.
  6. i did have them underground, but only with walls (i assume cobblestone) 1 block thick. i still have that room so i'll start working on that. thanks for the answers
  7. When animals are in a tight space they tend to glitch into walls.This makes them suffocate and die. To keep this from happening you have to have a transparent air-filled block. Like IPwnCreeps said
    You should have animals if a lot of them are in a tight space in a room with glass walls! Hope this helps :)
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  8. My sheep on utopia cant escape :)
    5 block deep pit and 5 block thick wall ;)
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