Animals (Cats And Dogs) Being Ignored In The Waste And Wild

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  1. Hi!
    As some of you may already know, I own a rescue organization on smp3 at 6591. I love animals and hate to see them being mistreated or ignored. :( I thought that EMC should include a feature where (like horses) animals become wild again after a certain amount of time . Another thought I had is that there could be a group of players that keep logs of if the owner has interacted with the animal. If they have gone a certain amount of time without interaction, then one of the players in the group goes and rounds
    up the animal. I would be happy to start the group, if possible. I hope that these ideas will be considered and that it could soon become a way for animals to be treated better. :)

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  2. Sounds nice
  3. Neglect is a form of animal abuse! But we do need to look at if we can do something to prevent more dogs/cats at the spawns.
  4. TP derelict pets at spawn to the pound
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