Animal Spawning

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  1. I realize the EMC is a big place. I also realize that the Spawning of Animals are a bit speratic to say the least. The only way I can think of getting animals, without going into the Wild is to buy the eggs, let them grow, and then mate them.

    Is this really the only way?
  2. Yes, Animals don't spawn naturally, This is due to there being more then 200 already in EMC.
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  3. Ahh. Well, that is a shame. :( Ok, thanks.
  4. if you ask me the eggifacation thing should be taken off. i like it and its use ful but ppl have had more problems from it than the good they have gotton from it
  5. i just want to know why when i turn a black sheep into a egg so i can farm black wool from it at my res, when i respawn the egg again its a white baby sheep wtf waste of 100 rupees
  6. I don't see how it's a waste of 100r, maybe 10 for the amount you paid for the Ink sac.. When you eggify them they turn back into their original baby form and this probably won't be changed.

    I don't know if any of you were on the Empire before we had eggification but it has been an AMAZING addition. It has made the the ability to have your own animals so much easier. Before the eggs, we would have to herd the animals with wheat across whole servers using the live map. It wasn't easy, and it made animals a whole lot more expensive. I'm talking 350r per animal. The only other way was to type /purchase and that was 350 rupees also. All in all, eggification is fantastic and I hope Justin never decides to change it.
  7. When I first joined animal farming and selling those animals was my main business. While I don't do that anyone, eggs sure revolutionized that business!
  8. the eggs is a great thing for this game but i just want it so when i turn a black sheep into a egg i get a black sheep in return not a dumb white one again
  9. Occasionally they spawn on Utopia.
  10. I get sooooo many chickens spawning on my utopia res... Right on the same res as my huge animal farm :D
  11. Silly, just get an ink sac...
    There are squid EVERYWHERE in the wild.
  12. Wool color can't be preserved because of a technical limitation in Minecraft. JustinGuy said (I forget where/when) that he wanted to preserve wool color, but he just couldn't code it.
  13. Yeah, if he would do it, youl'l need a modded jar to use the server.
    One of Justin's goals is to avoid this. I mean, I have no problem with Modding. But what with those who do?
    So if a modded jar woulden't be a problem, EMC modifying had no limitations!