Animal Racing

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  1. The Idea
    You supply the egg of the animal you want to compete. The operator of that race will put them in a 3x3 block enclosure, by themselves. This enclosure has a piston door, that will open when the race starts. In the race, you may have for example two ocelots, one pig, a cow, and a chicken, the animals can vary. At the beginning of the race, behind the animal another piston will open, and water will come out, pushing the animal out of the enclosure. The race will be the same amount of blocks for every animal.
    Once the animals have been released, the doors will close.
    At the end of the race, the first animal to click their pressure plate wins. The pressure plate sends a reaction through redstone, and the redstone is tethered up to a dispenser, which spews out stacks of goodies to the winner! The owners of each animal will all have a separate glass box, so intruders can't steal anything.
    The Inspiration
    I was on Utopia, and I passed through the Dragonia residence. As I was passing through the yet-to-be-completed residence, I saw four chickens, in line with each other, running forward. I laughed, because not often do you get to see chickens racing each other. Later, I talked with my friend, and told her about this hilarious occasion. She suggested starting a new competition for Empire Minecrafters to get together as a community, and with that, ANIMAL RACING WAS BORN!

    What You Can do to Help us
    We are currently in need of a residence, 16 of every neutral animal egg, redstone and dispensers. Also, later on in this project we will need some donations of people's time. This won't work without the community helping us!


    Thanks, Madison and the team behind Animal Racing!
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  2. Maddi installing this in PPO would be great. And I would gladly support your town one. As long as its not (SMP2, 6 or 7) I want to see one in the PPO and Town. I approve of this idea. It looks fun. :)
  3. I like the idea, a while back I made a race where you could ride a pig with your friends it was complete luck and kinda slow since the pigs have a mind of there own.
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  4. Thanks, in the process of this:
    1. Deleting stuff off res 12351 on smp6.
    2. Deleting my res on smp4.
    3. Once number 1 is done, unclaiming res.
    4. Moving MY second residence to number 12351
    5. On littlechick111, claiming second residence on Utopia!
  5. This looks like a great idea! And another thing you could do is make some animals "battle" each other. Have them in a space with a pressure plate in the middle. The pressure plate sends lava to the other animal. And no this is no PETA approved.
  6. il donate my time if you need it though!
  7. il donate my time if you need it though!
  8. Well if the winner gets a lot of goodies, who are paying for the goodies? so i got an idea of people paying for their animals to enter, so there would be and entrance price for the animals.
  9. Sounds very cool. I'm sure there will be some bugs to work out to make it interesting and fun, but i have been on the lookout for some new ideas. Please keep us up to date on your progress and take note that chickens are VERY cheap, so a race specially tailored to their behavior would be a good start. Also, random animal match up races could be interesting, will the cow win or the pig.

    I will donate some materials once you are started on the actual build, send me a message. I have redstone and dispensers to spare for a good cause. I hope you will try to keep the focus of the racing on the fun/community rather than the gambling, but whatever people like is best i guess.

    Another idea, would be to make the water that moves the animals controlled be the owners, this way it would not be completely random outcome. This is a bit more complex, so maybe down the road if people enjoy the idea i could work on it.