Animal problems

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  1. Okay, so I'm making an in-town sheep farm, I place 18 sheep in a res with 4 mobs in it already, I come back 20 mins later and 7 sheep have disappeared. Is this a known glitch? Its on solid ground, enclosed walls and obviouslt not an /entcount issue.
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  2. Animals have been derp since the last update. They glitch through blocks and things like they used to do with fences way back when.
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  3. Sheep now have a wwird attraction to sandstone. They will glitch through bedrock to get to it. That's why they run off. If you ever see a sheep gang on the road, call Maxarias immediately!
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  4. As stated above, this is a glitch.
    Mojang says it should be fixed by 1.6.2. :)
  5. Dig a pit 2 deep and like 10x10 in size, then places fences all over the sides of the pit on the inside.

    That works for me and I've been able to maintain 100 sheep for 5 days now without any escaping.

    *Sorry for gravedig but it's fairly recent and no answer that has worked has been posted yet*
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  6. Yes I've had spontaneously combusting sheep before...
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