Animal Farms (especially Wool) Just Nerfed

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  1. Animal farms (especially Wool) just got nerfed (made worse).

    I just noticed that animals (at least in town) have been changed from vanilla and are now able to all be on the same block, even in a large farm.

    The result of this is that when I breed animals, all of the animals converge on one block and the young spawned animals are now buried/hidden and can not be easily egged.
    So this is a big drawback of the change.

    Also, on sheep farms (even big farms) the animals form several clusters and you can not shear (or dye, or feed) a cluster.

    So, now wool takes Much longer to shear, and breeding animals to get more eggs takes much longer.
    Both are significantly more difficult.

    Perhaps this change was made to help reduce collision lag, but I have never noticed any lag from animal collisions.

    I hope this was an unintended consequence of trying to reduce lag and that this situation is resolved as soon as possible, because otherwise animal farming and wool just got much harder and more annoying (not to mention more expensive), and this makes EMC worse for people who animal or wool farm. There has already been significant reductions in animal farming and wool with entity limits, so why make it significantly worse?

    Will EMC Please revert/fix this latest animal/wool nerf?

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  2. I thought they were always able to do this :p
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  3. They used to get close to eachother, some, in an open field.
    Now, in an open field, in places, they get on top of eachother so that you can not hardly feed them, shear them, dye them, distinguish the young to egg, etc.
    They now get Too close, so close that you can not farm animals and wool, normally, anymore.
    It takes a lot longer, and is not vanilla minecraft.
    When you used to feed them wheat, they would surround you, looking at you, close, but spaced so you could feed them all.
    Now, when you feed them wheat, they all gather on one block and you can not feed them (except for a couple of them).
    This needs to be fixed or improved, as soon as possible. Thanks.
  4. Um I don't have an issue shearing... Honestly it hasn't changed that part... Just the number is 100 in town...
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  5. Did you shear within the last few hours? Do you have close to 100 sheep?
    I have done a lot of animal farming and shearing, so I know for sure that a change was just made and it it makes animal farming and wool significantly more difficult and less productive. If, like me, you have animal farmed the 100 animals on a regular basis, and then you try today, you should notice the significant change. If not, trust me, I do. I will have to time things to see if it is a general 50% nerf or a 25% nerf, etc. it depends on what you do.
    Egging calves is like a 90% nerf, because I cant feed the cows as easily and I cant find the calves to egg.
    Another thing is that wool regrows slower because several sheep are on the same grass block, so one sheep eats the grass and the others eat dirt (thus slower wool regrowth).
    I am more curious when this change will be reverted / fixed.
  6. Put your wheat away, and they will disperse.
  7. Nothing has been updated to my knowledge.

    Have you tried simply walking into them, very slowly, and pushing them apart?
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  8. Water will also move them quickly, i place water to shear and breed, and then remove it to allow them to graze and regrow wool.
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  9. I had a farm on one of my res' that dis this as well. Just put one water source block on a side of the pen, blocked by a piston. Turned it on, sheered them, collected the drops from a hole underneath the fence, then turned it off.
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  10. I suppose the same concept could be applied to babies. I would think that they would flow underneath a 1 block high gap or a 1 1/2 block gap? I've never tried it....
  11. Hmm. Yes this was a change in entity collision. But didn't test it from this aspect.

    I'll change it so they collide every 500ms.

    Essentially, if your affected by this change, your animals were causing additional lag which this change was to get rid of.

    YOU won't notice the lag, but the server does. This was a pretty major change in performance and will not be reverted, but I will tweak to try to help the breeding aspect.

    why would all your sheep stay on the same block though?
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  12. I tested this about a minute ago - not sure if it was after Aikar did his stuff - and this is what I got;



    Edit: Yes, it's extremely hard to shear
  13. Cadgamer, I will sell you back all your white wool at three times the original cost. :D
  14. I just noticed this with my sheep as well.
  15. A possible edit could make it so that sheared sheep, and unsheared sheep collide with each other, if the code allows it.
  16. Wait, wouldn't that be bad?
  17. It would separate the sheared and nonsheared, but the two types would still group with their own kind, so it would still reduce lag.
  18. I have not yet looked, but is this also an issue with villages/villagers?
    You definitely want villagers to still be individually selectable (i.e. not cluster), and you still want to be able to egg the baby villagers.
    I am talking about villager farming, not just place one villager in a spot to trade with.

    Server performance is important, and I trust that animal/villager collisions add some server lag, but if there are no animal/villager collisions, then animal/villager farming (a basic part of vanilla minecraft) will be broken on EMC.

    I notice nerfed animals and mobs a lot more than I notice server lag.
    So, I think the previous efforts to reduce server lag have worked, and this collision change is not needed.
    This is good news that it Seems like the animal collision nerf is not required.
    Just my opinion, from my perspective.
    I appreciate all the hard work that is done for EMC, but I think there comes a point where any more nerfing will just lead to people leaving EMC.

  19. Baby Sheep are as big as adult sheepies :)
  20. Completely off topic... but i wish you guys could make a flag like a growing flag that like stops animals from growing up.. i would love to have little babe animals running around and little villagers :3
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