Animal Despawn Issues

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  1. So recently, I would come on Empire Minecraft and find that some of my animals are missing. At first I thought it wouldn't be a big issue because only 1 or 2 were missing. But soon all my sheep are missing, my pigs are also. It's really annoying because I needed food other than bread to eat when I go mining but since I only have 1 of cow, chicken, and mooshrooms, I can't breed them.
  2. Well if somebody has build on your res, it could be possible that he killed/ egged your animals. If that is not the case, are you sure, they are locked up good? they can get through walls of 2 blocks and can get over walls about 2 blocks height. So maybe they just ran off?! Fences dont help at all if you dont build them a couple blocks wide
  3. Sorry, animals are still incredibly glitchy in Minecraft :(
  4. Since 1.2 animals have been much worse, they seem to walk into walls (i'm guessing pushed by other animals) and suffocate to death.

    Maybe try keeping the separated in individual pens whilst you're not breeding them - all my individual animals seem fine. I'm thinking either individually or very large area with few animals might work.
  5. Thanks for the replys guys. By the way, Hasorko, The only person on my res is my friend Anthony and we're good pals, He's also complaining that our animals are disappearing. But anyways, Thanks
  6. Same here
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