Animal Cruelty

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    This is a story about a Wolf.
    A wolf, who was told to sit down.
    His owner has not returned to EMC since that day.
    That day was 105 days ago.
    This poor Wolf has been waiting for his master to return ever since.
    Join me in my bid to rid EMC of all animal cruelty.
  2. And it still has a smile on its face.
  3. We will fight the animal cruelty!
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  4. The horror!
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  5. Someone should adopt it! :D (I dont even think thats possible)
  6. That's no smile. Look at it's sad, sad eyes. :(
    Unfortunately, during efforts to save the wolf from it's cruelty, it somehow disappeared. :(
  7. Manly tears were shed, very manly tears.
  8. Didn't take you to be one of those women who keep loads of cats lol
  9. I'm a cat lady; What can I say. I have two cats.. Whiskers and Rubix..
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  10. You could also view this as a story of incredible loyalty.

  11. Well, she has three cats... :p
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