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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ObligatedCupid1, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. Alnannaei has stolen all the prizes from my gambling machine and i reported him and the message came up on my screen saying i was successful.

    however this didn't do anything, allowing him to steal more.

    Why didn't this work?, he is still online!
  2. You need to be more precise in your explanation here.

    If someone has 'stolen' something from your gambling machine, then have they stolen it because you didn't design it properly?

    My understanding of the rules has always been that if you give people Permissions on your Residence, or have things set up in such a way that people can take them, then they're not at fault, you are.

    So please explain this properly.

    You also need to read the Empire Guide to understand what you can do if someone is acting in a way you do not like in your Residence. You can use a certain command to stop him from coming onto your Residence.
    I wont tell you which one, you need to go and look for it as you clearly haven't.

    You need to be proactive in protecting your property.
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  3. What kilmannan said (I couldn't have put it in a better way so I wont bother trying) plus reports aren't instant. A mod/ admin will have to manually check it.
  4. Wrong. If you get built perms to make someone a piston door, that does not give you the right to mine out their diamond block room. On someone else's res you are only allowed to do what the owner allows you to do, regardless of the perms you have.

    Perms are there to prevent such things, rules and mods are there to punish the offenders after the act. That's two very different things. Giving someone perms means that you accept the risk that they misuse them. It doesn't give them the right to do so. Your res will be damaged and your items be lost, and nobody will reimburse you. The offender will be banned, if his guilt can be proven.

    @ObligatedCupid1: Did you submit good proof? Otherwise expect the same as in real life when you call the cops and tell them "Hey, I gave that guy my wallet so he could look at the pictures and he too $20 from it!" and that guy says "No I did not.".
  5. Well since it's a gambling machine what I got from this is that the guy 'stealing' got a lucky brake! XD
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  6. he didn't have any permissions, and i thought i had made the wall round the machine big enough and i had tested this. I still haven't had any response.
  7. Actually, what killmannan is stating it's that the one with the fault it's the residence owner, it is against the rules to grief and obviously to make wrong ussage of the permissions someone has but it's still the residence owner fault.

    Also, the /report system it's to report someone but it seems like you didn't read the guide either (specially) the part where residence flags explain stuff to you (so that this doesnt happen)
  8. i also have no proof, but he atually boasted about stealing the diamonds from me on the chat channle, i also heard that modreators have a sort of rewind button to cheak these claims.
  9. he had no perms, i have no idea how he got into the machine, he may have been using a cheat.

    I had thoroughly tested the wall to see if any one could do this, and found no way.
  10. Maybe there is an [access] sign on a button or the dispenser itself
  11. I really read the guide thoroughly, and i cannot stress this enough he had no perms!
  12. So...

    1. This is not how you bring an issue up, accusing people in the open public is wrong in any setting, simply private message a moderator.

    2. I see no admittance of such acts in the chat channel, I am staring at right now. So I do not understand where you got that from

    3. If this did happen, not saying it didnt, I am sorry, but without proof there is nothing really I can do.

    4. You must give time for a moderator to investigate these kinds of things instead of simply rushing here and posting about it. You are not the only player who has had a problem.

    I understand that you are upset, but this was the wrong way to go about it.

    I am locking this thread now.
  13. no access sign on the button, i don't know how he did it, i just want vengeance!
  14. Thats a horrible thing to say by the way. Justice would be more fitting, vengeance is usually associated with violence, or equal punishment in repayment, like you stealing back from him, which is not the right answer.
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