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  1. I came home from work today to fine my computer pulled down off a cabinet by my daughter.

    The Charging port had a wire completely rip apart off its solder point. I was quite distressed... because i wanted to minecraft.

    I inquired with my wife of the events that lead to this chaos. She explained. I went to my closet to get my 'Fixin' tools' only to further find i was out of solder.

    I began to rage.

    I stared at the dangling wire for about 30 mins before i told my wife its time to go to wal mart. and she said no.

    Rage further.

    "why?" I asked (angrily)

    "Because your going to fix it and then you will that stupid block game" She replied



    "Its called Minecraft, and yes... that was exactly what i was going to do."

    "Well then definitely no. You need to spend time with your family today."

    I held the rage. Played with daughter, watched a movie with the wife. and then everyone was taking a nap. I seized the moment. I snuck out of the house and went to closest wal mart.. only to find.. no solder.

    Went to the next three department stores with similar results. Rage building.

    I then finally reached a wal mart 45 MILES away. Which had a nice supply of solder. Purchase was made

    Traveled home to expect angry wife and crying child. (phone was off... for plausible deniability.)

    However, to my surprise, nap time in full force.

    quickly geared up and soldered that demon wire.

    Plugged up charger, notice battery light was lit.

    Booted computer and loaded minecraft with in browser right behind it.

    Started to do some mining, then noticed it was a little to quiet.

    looked over at the couch to see angry wife eyes.

    Engage fear.

    "hey, how was your sleep?"

    ..... no answer

    "are you ok?"

    ... no answer

    " are you even awake?"

    .... no answer

    "guess not"

    returned to minecraft.

    "I woke up when you left...."

    sad face >.<
  2. hahah I loled, thanks for the richly detailed recollection of today's events for you :)
  3. Nice story, made me laugh so much, but still, poor you. I am going to guess that you are going to be in the dog house for a while now lol.