Android phone users?

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  1. So I've had this Android phone for awhile but I've barely used it but I recently found a couple of things that make me want to discover what else this phone can do:

    1) syncing my music through Google Play Music so I don't have to drag and drop music into my phone
    2) syncing my photos with dropbox so i don't have to attach my phone to my pc to get my photos off of it

    any other tricks or cool things you've done with your android phone to get more use out of it? my main things are music and photos.
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  2. I have an iPhone.
  3. well thanks for responding then, that was very helpful

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  4. lolololol, yeah, sounds like someone didn't read the post at all.

    i have an android as well, and its my life. ha, it does practically anything you want it to. ^.^ i love how you can personalize EVERYTHING
  5. so what kinds of things do you have installed on it?
  6. go sms pro, for texting, is the best thing i could have ever downloaded. my son likes ant smasher. hahaha, i also have about 40 others for him with preschool/learning games ^.^

    but, i have a few games for myself, like bag it, i have drawing apps, music apps, my banks mobile app, words with friends, zedge is also really amazing if you like wallpapers/ringtones. i have skype, aim, facebook, kik, and a few minecraft apps, also about 10 font packs for personalizing. ^.^
  7. I did :p, I just felt like posting something that is completely off topic.
    I do have an iPhone, but for my next phone, I think I would like to try an android, and really see which is better.
  8. ok i got go sms pro, now i gotta get friends to join it so i can send them doodles!!!!!!

    keep giving me ideas!
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  9. angry birds, amazon app store (gives away an app you usually pay for for free) there are tons of personalization apps for go launcher X and go sms pro, i have minecraft as my theme, pretty epic ^.^ i also have a minecraft heart battery bar. lol