And Two years later...

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  1. Two years after i have joined EMC, i have seen many things. Members come and go, famous community members join, Aikar be modded, hackers and rule breakers that are still remarked to this day for their crimes, and wild communities vanish to dust.

    Let me start where this all began. Well, i got interested in my brothers minecraft account in Beta 1.5. I did all there was to do on single player. Later, in Beta 1.8, I was on the internet, looking around. Suddenly, i saw an ad for Empire Minecraft. Every other multiplayer server was either too complex, i would be met with a fully armored diamond warrior to kill me instantly, or had griefers galore. I thought Empire would be the same, and almost didn't go to the ad. But something about it made me want to go there. I decided i'd look for a multiplayer one more time, visiting the website and getting the IP address. All my assumptions about griefers and bad community from previous experiences? WRONG!

    It was a fantastic community. SMP1 remained the only server in the empire, full 24/7. Diamonds were at cheapest 50r, iron 20r, and gold 35r. Our res, built a lot on holloween, was a giant wooden 60x60x3 shack. It became like a hotel, members such as Jennypoo and a new member named Boney joined our res, as almost all reses are claimed on SMP1. Soon, we bought iron supporter on my brothers account, so we could log onto the constantly full server known as SMP1, at the time Before then, I didn't have an account, so i shared oidking's account with him. But that only lasted so long after joining the Empire. On single player, it worked, but it wouldn't stand here. I wanted to try. I got a minecraft account of my own, and the first thing i did was join the Empire. I joined SMP2. Oidking and I bought gold supporter. We explored the old utopia world, when it was like the wild. I have vague memories of running under the giant QR code while mobs pelted me with arrows. We found GameKribJim's sky bridge, which he explained to us what it was. It changed whenever 1.0 came out. People were busy, the Empire was as full as ever. Nether Warts, only cultivatable in the unprotected nether, were worth hundreds of rupees for one item. It was insanity!

    Later, we remodeled our res. With endstone and obsidian, we made an ender res (Gone right now). More SMP servers were released as well. However, one day came along, that changed my EMC experience forever. Jabrzer0 invited me and oidking to the community of supporter city, in my opinion, the best wild community ever to exist. Hidden underneath the smp3 ocean, it was a true fine community. A hidden piston door led to an underground metropolis. People shared all they had with others, mined with others, and had fun. I remember Mr2r2m's sheep farm. Only supporters have ever visited the city. I fell in love with the wilderness after that moment. However, as the updates past by, 1.2.1 was released. But it meant a huge change. The new anvil level format would be added, causing the wild to reset, destroying supporter city. Everyone was very sad because of the manner. Oidking still have my pair of boots from supporter city. We had a short while to pack up and leave. Oidking and I waved goodbye to the best community ever existed, as we sailed back to the town pre reset. We never wanted the wild to reset again.

    Also, a huge moment in my history began after this. We went to the utopia server, and sailed out miles. We landed near a village. We had AlexChance build a grinder there. To this day, 100% of oidkings profit from anything goes there, and 75% of my profit goes there. A multimillion dollar investment, and to this day it stands. When 1.3 came around, some people wanted a reset. The community was almost sliced in half, between the "Wild People" and the "Townies". Each side spitted insults at each other and reasons not to and to reset the wild. In the end, the admins stated "The wild will never reset, unless it is direly needed. 1.2.2 reset because of the Anvil Format and glitches" The periodic reset area was added, which never was reset to be honest. We got a little bored of EMC for a while, so we tried out another server. It didnt feel quite right. We thought it just may be good until we met the staff. Power abusive, unjust, and irresponsible. We dealt with this till we could no longer take it. One of the admins that didn't like us randomly banned us both. He told us he just wanted us GONE. We went back to EMC, and enjoyed a good community, glorifying its responsible, incorrupt staff and friendly community. Later, i took on the building of Empire Eggcraft on 408. I payed Mystul 1000 to build the giant chicken, 1000 to build the giant egg, and 10000 from random members to change the floor to wool. I remember when Jack actually joined the EMC community, and we shared side by side residences. He helped manage the population of Empire Eggcraft to make sure that chickens wouldn't grow to a ridiculous population. To this day, we we still stand on EMC. After 2 years, this is my story.
  2. Nice read. Remember dragonia and the giant rubiks cubes I am renowned for? :p
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  3. Aw yeah, i still remember the Rubix Cubes! i still wonder why you blew up the Dragonia...
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  4. Congrats! Nice story. :)
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  5. Its was a period of tough times for me and Eclipsys XD And was a lot of fun :p Do not worry though. Me and Eclipsys are working on something seriously epic atm. More details to be released in the not so distant future :D
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  6. YEAHHH Happy 2 Year Mateyy!
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  7. Congrats!
  8. 2 years!? My two year is in more than 6 months, at the end of the school year.