And this is what the musicians of today produce....

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  1. That's enough internet for today. Bye.
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  2. As most people who listened to the song, you are hearing it out of context. The brothers who produced this are comedians in their country (Norway? Sweden? I dont remember) and this is something from one of their sketch shows. I'm not saying you cannot enjoy it, feel free to as much as you would like, just thought I would edumacate you all on this.
  3. Norwegians ay':p They are comedians and this apparently was a teaser from their talk shows that they have in Norway I believe...anyways yeh:p
  4. Thanks for that, starts to sort of make more sense now :p

    As annoying and stupid as it is, like all annoying songs, it's catchy, I watched it again.
  5. This is a pretty normal song for now days. I mean. Some go out of hand. *Cough*Wrecking ball/We can't stop*Cough*
    But I like these songs. Pop is my fave. The actors/actress do well in this. Welcome to what The radio now is :D
  6. Kids at my school keep singing Wrecking Ball over and over again, and it keeps getting so annoying! As much as I am anti-Miley Cyrus anyway, just repeatedly hearing the refrain everywhere is just annoying.
    And pop is also my favorite type of music. ;)
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  7. I came in like a hamster ball...
  8. What does the Jack say? Fluff Chomp Fluff Chomp
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  9. "What does the Alice Say"?
    "She says Shut up or i'll punch you" (or something like that)
    You were there, right?
  10. On TFM when she said that. Yeah, that's when we were putting on those videos and then I put on What does the fox say and we were thinking of parodys and we came up with What does The Alice Say?