And then a sudden shutdown occurred

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  1. Dear administrators / moderators,

    A few minutes ago, we all got the message the server was going to shut down in 5 seconds.

    I know I'm just new here and I'm really planning to stay here, but may I say that this was thoughtless to do this?

    I was just removing all my chests from outside to my brand-new place inside, I just crafted. So I removed 1 of the 4 double boxes and all my stuff was on the ground, ofcourse. Then I got the message of the shutdown in 5 seconds. &#*&$_!

    Ok, I'm not going to use any swearword or call you names, as I liked this server from the first second, but could I just get all the stuff back that was on the ground?

    11 x 64 cobblestone
    2 x 64 iron
    8 x 64 wood
    3 x iron pickaxes
    about 7 diamonds...
    (I know, it may seem not a lot to most of you people, but I'm new and this action wasn't motivating me at all)

    I really hope you could give it back to me.

    Ruben (sensign)
  2. I can look into what is on the ground, it should be there when the server comes back up. We post ahead of time of shutdowns on the site, and we also give a 5 minute countdown in the chat (5 minute warning, 1 minute warning, 5 second warning).
  3. Hmm, well I'm sorry, probably missed the warnings then.

    I'm @ 1994.
  4. So.. did you find something. Cause I don't have it yet :(
  5. did you try to log in when the server came back up?
  6. If you cant get it back ill be glad to refund you
  7. Sorry to hear about that happening. I know this is a tough spot for both you and admins/moderators. On one hand, they do give quite a few warnings when they have to do shutdowns to avoid things like this...but on the other you might have not been paying attention to it. I know they had people in the past try and make up things (that was clearly a lie) about losing items, so it's always been sort of a rule about not honoring requests like that, which I do agree with, it would be crazy with people making claims like that if they knew they always got honored.

    What time of the day (American) are you usually on? I'm doing pretty well with rupees and items, and would like to help you out with getting some of your inventory back. :)
  8. :)Well, fair warning was given, if you loose your items its your own fault, I have been in this situation a lot on other servers, You have just got to suck it up and carry on playing, becuase thats just minecraft. Its similar to if you lost your stuff in a pit of lava, you would just have to get on with it because afterall its an SMP
  9. Thats alot of stuff! I would probly throw my laptop across the room! ;)