And so it begins...

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  1. Here is the humble beginings of what is a truely awesome update to my 5003 res on utopia:

    This is a "secret" project. So stay tuned to see what it is.

    It is a MASSIVE update, and you can only get a real appreciation for its size in person.... feel free to pop by 5003 on utopia :D

    Also, Eclipsys and I are renovating the hotel bellow. Keep checking to see the progress ;)

    Happy Mining
  2. Can't wait to see the final product :)
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  3. Thanks man :)
  4. I love the stuff you guys make it is just so AMAZING. I don't know how you guys do it
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  5. Most of the credit goes to Ecli, hes the one that comes up with these breathtaking designs, I am one that helps build them :D.

    The black structure you see is 100% designed and built by me though :)
  6. I can't help but think "giant Rubix Cube..."
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  7. Gee, I wonder what ever gave you that thought hmm? Haha, not saying right now. ;)
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  8. So heres a little update, I have titled it "Nuff torches?"

    Heres another:

    Btw, thats 2289 torches! And this is just the bottom layer, gotta do the underside, outside, top etc! ! ! ! Watch this space for more updates!
  9. Didn't you... do this already...
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  10. I can't help but think even more that it is a Rubix Cube.....
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  11. Nope, not on this scale :D

    I wonder why :p
  12. Its just a giant black box in the sky... *yawn*
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  13. ... you just wait, I heard AI's are good at doing that, they do it all day :p
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  14. no your thinking of when we went time travelling and saw it so don't say any more :p
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  15. Isent your post missing something like
    "Thank you thestar191" :D
  16. Hahah, oh thestar, the res is being used by Eclipsys on what he has dubbed "Project X" there will be a thank you mentioned on the res upon completion :D
  17. Wow just visited it! Lots of hard work has gone into this, keep up the good work!
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  18. Thanks man! :D