Anchorage Theater

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Which show times would you like to have availble?

Friday nights around 10:00 pm 6 vote(s) 66.7%
Saturday Mornings 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Anchorage Theater
    Hey everyone! It is me again! About two months ago I completely took down Skyfall Café and Theater. I reset me lot and moved to SMP-5 for a brand new exciting fresh start. It feels amazing how free I feel. So, following my Minecraft passion of entertaining people, I created Anchorage Theater. This theater is a brand new Empire Minecraft experience. It offers lots of redstone magic, some food to the side, and most importantly an interactive show!
    Trying to create something new, I decided to actually look into advanced redstone. It was the best thing I could have done in my Empire Minecraft life. It opened up a whole new world of adventure. With all of these awesome ideas for shows, I decided to put a lot a redstone into it. That is where the "interactive show" idea comes from.
    Previously I used to wait on people and serve them top of the line food. But recently I have decided to scratch that field and put 95% of my time towards the theater. But, I still do have a small snack stand and bar at my theater.
    The shows are all new, and they are better than ever! Most of the time, if I don't have any of my actors available, I will just do standup comedy. But if I have actors we will make sure you are amazed on how awesome the show was!
    Thanks for reading this long, long, long speech about my new theater. It is truly amazing to own something this awesome. I would like to say thanks to fireshadow52 and gwormn for helping with building supplies and redstone materials.
    More information about the shows below!!!:):):):)
    Current shows that we will put on:
    "Tsunami god"
    "Sheep king"
    ...More amazing shows to come!

    -50 rupees per ticket, if you are over 250 days you receive a 10 rupee discount!
    -Please pay to Hash98, not fluffinator09

    We are located on Smp-5 at 10224!
    Most of the time the doors will be closed unless we are about to start a show!

    Picture of front gate:

    Thanks everyone!
  2. If you just came to my recent show, please don't say any spoilers!!!!!!!!!
    And by the way, I accidently press create thread when I was making the poll, If you want Satuday Nights around 10:00 pm, or Sunday nights around 10:00 pm, just say so in the comments!
  3. Wow, I might come to this. I'm not on Smp5, but, what the heck? I'll just start on a new server. :p
  4. Wow, thanks for the poll feedback guys! And I think next weekend we may do 3 shows in 1 day!
  5. With the creation of Anchorage Theater, I will need to be hiring actors.
    PM me to apply.
    Average pay can vary anywhere from 25r to 75r a show.-Just depends on the crowd.
    Our current actors:
    and of course my self!
  6. We are proud to announce our new show, "The Miner's Nightmare". This show has great reviews!
    We will be hosting it at 7:30 pm.(US EASTERN).
    Ticket and Extra Info Below:

    Actors: Hash98 & Fireshadow52
    Admission: 50r