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  1. I got bored earlier today after reading nearly 200 pages of Game of Thrones and watching Attack on Titan. Naturally, I wrote a thing (this contains...erm...'gore'?):

    Rugon sat on a little puny throne, crafted using the bones of the living skeletons who once roamed the underground caverns he and his team of elite guards resided in. He made it after his father was killed in Drugon Bay and declared himself King of the realm, a figurehead among the Twelve Kingdoms of Mer, Ruler of the Tukon Empire. Who else was to take the throne? His dead brothers? The man who killed his brothers and traitor to the Empire and Twelve Kingdoms, Torg Erla?

    An icy chill ran through the room as his subject, Alixias, entered the room.

    "I see your best efforts didn't work", remarked Rugon as he stood up from his throne. "I am most dissapointed".

    He pulled out a blade, crafted out of the finest diamond within the Empire. It stood nearly as tall as him, and yet he held it with very little effort. He called it flame, because of the way it appeared to shimmer when torchlight shone upon it.

    "Please, O'mighty one. I tried my best, and it did not work." said Alixias, dropping to her knees in fear. She bowed her head. "Please take my advice to heart; we need multiple people to be sent into the Purple Palace at once. That is why you have failed many times before, and will continue to fail in all future attempts you make.".

    "And what if I do not take your advice, puny one?" he asked. He grabbed her by her thick, black hair, and locked his purple eyes into hers. They were a sea green. "You'll tell daddy and he'll sack my city for you? He'll have my head, and string it up on the filthy ceiling of his castle in Darkstone? He'll kill my wife while she's sick with child? He'll have my father excecuted, my mother imprisoned, and my siblings tortured?"

    She pulled his hands away, and pushed him. She wasn't aware of her own force, and knocked him on his feet.

    "No. He won't do that. He is a man of honor... unlike you." muttered Alixia as she loomed over him. She spat in his face.

    He stood up and swung his sword at her in one swift movement, but she was ready for it. She ducked, rolled behind him, and took out her knife, Arylla. She slashed his ankle, and rolled once more. Blood soaked Rugon's leather shoe. She slashed at his other one. He dropped his sword and held his leg up high, hugging at his ankle and hopping on the other, until he collapsed onto the floor. Blood formed a neat circular stain beneath both of his feet.
    "Dammit!" he screamed. "I should've known! I should've known you would be in open rebellion! You've been plotting against me ever since I ordered the excecution of your whiny little brother and your father planned to become independent from my realm and became greedy with power!".

    She stood up, and kicked him in the face, sending a tooth flying. Blood flew high in the air, and Regon's upper body hit the floor with a thud. His vision was blurred, and blood trickled down his neck as his head hit the floor. He heard a crack, and the back of his head burned. He must have fractured his skull.

    "He screamed as my men slashed his back with their knives!" Regon yelled, as Alixias brought out two swords and embedding them into his knees.

    "He begged for mercy as my excecutioner brought the axe down on his neck. Did you know that? The excecutioner wasn't even done! His head was hanging off by a thread, and blood was coating his rags. He tried to scream, but he just gargled. We watched him die, in more pain than we could ever wish upon him." Regon said as Alixias knelt down beside his head, and unsheathed Arylla one final time. "And I loved it. I lapped up every second of it like it was a fine wine from the hilltops of Erradon. In my last moments, I won't beg for mercy. I will accept my de-"

    And that was the last Regon ever said as Alixias poked Arylla through the spoilt king's eyeball. It hurt her, to kill a fifteen year old - but the realm could not be left in his custody, the people his playthings.

    At that moment, Torg Erla, the future king and her father, burst through the door with his men.
    "You did it." he said, his excitement showing through in his voice. "You killed the king!".
    A smile broke out on his face.

    Alixias turned, a smile on her face too.

    "It was very easy. He didn't even give me a second swing. It was kind of like... he wanted to die. Like he knew the world was against him. Like... like he knew he was defeated."

    "We've taken the city above. The realm belongs to our family." Torg said. "Thank you, Alixias. I know I said I would never say anything like this... but you are my favourite daughter. And I do not choose favourites among family. Atleast, not very easily."

    Alixias smiled. He was not a foolish man, but to take a favourite among his four daughters was foolish of him. She wondered if he had picked a favourite among his four remaining sons.

    Torg continued. "When the giants come, I will be even more thankful. I will guarantee all the kingdoms get equal help from me and my great armies. I have freed this land of a terrible king, and will free it of its largest horrors."

    I'll continue this if enough people want me to and like it :3