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Is this an outrage!?

Yes 11 vote(s) 91.7%
Yes 6 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Are you SEEING THIS!? Another economy server trying to budge us out on TopG! An Outrage!!!

  2. I guess you can say its
    (i have no idea how to make puns. i think i failed.)
  3. This just means we need to need vote more on EMC and get number 1 :)
  4. Certain formers:Er mah gerd! You advertise other servers!!1!
  5. Lol IPs galore, feast your eyes.
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  6. Don't worry. It is complete and utter garbage. It will die of soon.
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  7. Hmmm i think I know how to solve this but it's tip of my tongue. Hmm help please
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  8. Does it start with V and end in OTE?
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  9. vandals quote?
    anarchy burger! hold the government
  10. YES!
  11. Hmm, Gimme an V! give me an E!
    What's inbetween? O-T!
    What's that spell? V-O-T-E! Vote!
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  12. I have noticed a decrease of votes. As a non voter myself I am disgused by the CAPTCHIAS
  13.'s captcha is the best among them.
  14. Captchas aren't bad to me, except when they take the picture of someone's house number with a potato and post it. How am I supposed to tell if that's a 20 or a 28? What irks me is losing my vote streak, can't get past day 1 so I just give up.
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  15. Vote! EMC is by far the best non-mini-game server I have played on.
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  16. We need to have a concerted effort.

    Who wants to be in charge of the preemptive missile strikes? :)
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  17. its ok, we'll all vote more plus i can tell you from personal experience that other server don't got nothing compared to EMC. tried it many moons ago and the players/staff are definitely NOT as friendly towards new players as our awesome EMC is :) so it wont be hard at all to pass them again :)
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  18. Your wrong............................... The game like to put lemons into glass and water into glass is THE BEST
  19. Russia is behind this.. They gave up all military efforts against Ukraine to launch a server and surpass EMC!:mad:
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