An Official Discord Channel.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by SomeTechGenius, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Hello there, I have been thinking about this for a while now, and decided to spark up a conversation between the EMC players and staff to deploy a Official Discord server.

    I have a few reasons why this should be a thing:
    1st of all, in comparison to Mumble, the voice client EMC is using right now, Discord does not require a program to be functional, it works fully in a browser aswell. This could help people who don't want to clutter their PC/Laptop with programs. Also has an iOS/Android app. Let me note that this is a bit of a comparison to Mumble and me trying to point the advantages of Discord, but bare with me here. As i said, secondly, Discord gives out notifications if a @everyone is typed in chat by a Staff member, which means that an announcement has been made, which sadly cannot be done on Mumble, but i can only give myself half a cookie for this one since Mumble is more focused on Voice Communication rather than Chatting. 3rd of all, Discord channels can be made for free and don't cost a single penny, so there is no '' This is too expensive '' talk.

    My point is not to destroy Mumble, my point is that having an Official Discord server will make the life for some people easier, for example me, who isn't very much best friends with Mumble, cause of it's poor compatability to my devices (I guess).

    P.S - Another reason for the gamers, the audio latency is very similar for Discord and Mumble. Which means it is pretty lag free. Though this does depend on your connection quality and the location of the Discord server that the owner of the channel has chose.

    P.S.S - Sorry for my English, it's been stuttering since 2 weeks ago when i had my English exam, will be fixed in next update.