An incentive to explore the wild for new members and townies

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  1. I will be giving away two complete kits in order to encourage new members (non-supporters only), and townies to venture out in the wild and become more self-sufficient. With one of these kits any person can feel confident about going into the wild without fear or trepidation.

    Each kit contains: full set of new diamond armour with low-level enchantments
    new diamond sword with low-level enchantment
    new bow with low-level enchantment and full stack of arrows
    new diamond pick and new diamond spade with low-level enchantments
    one stack of cooked beef
    one stak of torches
    one bucket of water

    If you're a non-supporter with less than 1,000 lifetime xp point, either reply in this thread or pm me with an idea of what your personal goals are on Empire Minecraft.

    I will publish the winners tomorrow
  2. This is a great idea. Hope it goes to deserving people.
  3. my personal goals on emc is to find diamonds and get rich
    become a mod
    have fun
  4. Just a heads up, if your goal on EMC is to become a mod, then you won't become one.

    Great idea! ;)
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  5. good idea
  6. Lol. Dont hurt his dreams. :p
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  7. *pacifist Millionaire asks for the armor*

    On a more serious note though, I'm going to laugh if a new guy gets it and then promptly falls to his death in the nuked zone :)
  8. Then I might just upgrade the boots to an higher level of Feather Fall
  9. Just a tip: Don't give it too people who don't know what they're doing. (Just sayin)
  10. You're hoping to make people more independent by giving them free stuff... Seems like flawed logic :p But either way I hope someone deserving gets it who will help make the server even better.
  11. I always love traveling in the wild, I have seen every type of biome, climbed mountains of untold epicness, seen grand caves of pure darkness. I've even been to continents few have explored. Sadly all of my old companions no longer come on EMC.
  12. My reasoning is that quite a few new members seem to hate going into the wild because they dread the hostile mobs; endermen, skeleton, and especially creepers. Maybe by giving them a decent armour and a couple of tools they might just overcome the initial anxiety and try adventuring a bit.
  13. Sometimes when I see someone in tutorial when doing /list. I will disguise myself and join them. Once they finish, I would reward them with a complete set of leather gear.
  14. Can I get this? iam a normal player with only 56 xp
  15. I understand, I don't particularly care for it myself. As long as the recipient isn't going to use the items to grief, it's a great idea.
  16. Sure, but I've only done two sets; just tell what your goals are for empire minecraft.
  17. There is no way of telling who is a potential griefer...but I'm certainly not including a bucket of lave or a flint/steel in the kits.
  18. lol good choice
  19. cam13868674 and jameskim885 have been selected for the incentive kits. Chests have been set up on my residence (server 4, 8835) for you to pick up. Enjoy!
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  20. SO encouraging!