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  1. So here I am, clicking refresh a million times, trying to get smp2 (Where my house is), and I get an idea. I remember a long time on the server, that there was a waiting list, how useful would that be in this situation! So I jumped on the forums, and started writing this post. Having a waiting list would be very useful in my opinion. It would make it much easier for your users to get on. Don't you think? Yes, I know you can donate to get a slot, but my family doesn't really have the extra money to do that, and this server already has enough doners, and I'm sure you will get more. However, if you have a waiting list, then when you try to log on, you get put on a specific spot on the waiting list, and then when you try again a few minutes later, you're able to get on! If you don't like this idea, fine. But then again, it's an idea. :)
  2. This is an idea that I have seen on other servers. The positive side of it is that people can wait in line for a spot. The downside is that you have to keep reconnecting or you lose your spot, and at some point the Minecraft server refuses connections if they are too close together (you probably see that when you refresh to fast). Also you could have more "stale" spots if it is waiting for people to join that haven't bothered to connect again (like they try once and say screw it). Also because we have multiple servers it is only natural that people would try to join every server, thus holding a place in line and potentially a free slot for some time even if they get into another server.

    I will play with this idea some more when I have a chance :)

    At the end of the day the truth is that no matter how many servers we keep adding we are always going to have at least double that many members trying to sign-in. Due to both financial and technology restraints we can only add servers so fast. We are all very proud we have built such an awesome community but it is also a victim to its own success.
  3. Justin, the mayor problem here is the people that go AFK but stay online to maintain their spots on the server, u should build in a non-movement clock, and whenever someone doesnt move for 5mins or more, he/she gets kicked and there will be more people to join
  4. That is something I am working on as we speak. But I promise you that you will still see that the servers free slots are always full.
  5. Still, it would be a start :) Kicking all those inactive ones should at least let the truly Active people build on their residences :D
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  6. Ok Justin, thanks for replying :)
  7. No problem :)
  8. This is very true. This is the nature of the beast. Success will bring in both positive and negative aspects. With great success comes great responsibility.
    The success of the Empire is attracting new members with both positive and negative motives. Not all members are here to help the Empire succeed, some are here to see it fail. This can not be prevented.
    Other measures, including the AFK monitor are decent attempts, however, some type of workaround will soon be discovered by these individuals. In addition, as Justin pointed out, all free slots are consistently filled, as everyone wants to be online with the community. Eventually the user base will stabilize, and this will no longer be an issue.

    No one has to be a supporter. This is a personal choice. It is also flawed in its own right as some people have the extra money available to them and utilize this guaranteed slot to perform their acts of villainy without having to "stand in line" so to speak... It hurts the community but not in a way that will not be handled. Supporters do not get special treatment for rule breaking. Eventually we will have knocked out those who wish to do harm but not necessarily open up all of our free slots either.

    Hopefully you manage to get in and find you enjoy the server very much. We welcome all who wish to attend, but we do have a very active community who does not put up with blatant rule breaking activities.

    Enjoy your stay. Hope to see you around.

    Sorry if the message isn't exactly linear, my mind is scattered... I am having an imbalanced chemical reaction right now... I have to get something in my gut to calm it down....
  9. Well, I've been on the server for a bit, so I'm not necessarily new, but thanks for your input. :)
  10. Well, i think that twitch is basing his assumption that you are new off your just joining the forums a day ago, and that usually means that you are new. But on topic, the afk kicker should help a lot, as well as the 1 minute waiting time, so this problem should probably be lessened, if not solved
  11. Even better. Glad to have you here. Maybe I will see you around on the server later then. Enjoy your stay. :)

    Sorry about the disjointed message earlier, I have some minor medical issues and they took hold while I was writing that message.
  12. Its fine. I really didn't notice anything.
  13. It would be nice if Notch could impliment such a feature to queue joining a full server, However that would be hard with servers that have reserved spots and 'diconnection reservation'.

    I would of thought that a plugin could be made to queue your conneection to the server without you having to keep reconnecting. There would be no client side information, but you will just see it hang on 'connecting to server...' or watever comes just after that... But then maybe the Client will automatically timeout the connection.
    So really, i've just poked a flore in my own idea...
    Yeah, It's all down to Notch and his brilliance.
  14. Ahhhh Notch, why art thou so genius?