An idea that could REALLY make EMC much more funner.

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  1. Every year, the four main severs would go to war on each other. Not in the town, but in the wild. For three months each year, SMP1, 2, 3, and four. (Not utopia, since its a small sever, but they could pick a sever and fight for it!) Only PVP could take place in the battle ground, a large area far away from the outpost's. In these areas, their would be the war, lumber production, mining, and many other things for the war effort. You could also mine and chop down wood for the effort outside of the battle ground, just this ones inside the battle ground would be able to be captured. The winner would be based on,

    1. Number of rupees made in the sever
    2. Number of production areas taken.

    Number of people killed would NOT mean anything. During the war, a council would be elected for each sever. They would decide what to attack, what to mass produce, and other stuff. I myself might run but if anything, I would be making food on my lot for the lines. There would be no draft, so if you don't want to fight, you don't have to! PVP would only happen inside the battle grounds.
    The winning sever might set 5k rupees for each person with a lot there.

    Please tell me what you think.

    *EDIT* For each sever soilders would be the back bone, but their would be other things people could do.

    Redstone engineer: Would make traps and hideaways for their severs team.
    Medic: Heals with food and potions.
    Builder: Makes trenches, bunkers, buildings
  2. if this happens me and superslash89 need to be redstone engineers
  3. War? In Minecraft? the Empire?

    <starts crying>

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  4. Think about it, It would be for fun, and to see who could outlast the others.
  5. I doubt that will ever happen. There has never been any PvP in the Empire, and most, if not all the Admins and Mods have out right denied even the idea of having PvP on the servers.
  6. it does sound like fun, but like zanderboy says, it would go against the whole no PVP thing. maybe there could be a battle ground server for special events or something. i don't know, thumbs up for thinking of community events, but pvp kind of scares me thinking this would turn into another EVE online where griefing is cool.
  7. I am all for any sort of competition like capture the flag/race for wool/spleef tournaments, but i really cant see the fascination that attracts people to want to battle against others in direct combat in a non-contact game such as minecraft.
  8. "more funner" They grammar nazi in me just shot himself. Also, while this could be fun, the moderation needed and the opposing stance it takes from typical EMC style would make it unrealistic. EMC is a no pvp server. Were even wary about it for smaller scale things like race for wool (which should still happen) but, doing something this large scale would not be as fun as you think. It would just turn into mindless pvp which gets old quickly.
  9. Shaun, let me disagree with you on this... If teh game was not intended to be a PvP cappable game.. there would be no palyer-player damage.. If you notice the PURE vanilla players, that play w/o any mod/feature can hit eachother and do damage... Therefore the game in its pure meaning is meant to have that--- Thats just my opinion tho, and I do respect and enforce/follow the NO-PVP status of EMC, yay for not having to deal with more than the already awfull mobs =P
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  10. By non-contact I think he means when you punch someone in the face their nose doesn't start bleeding. Even so, just because you can kill someone in minecraft, doesn't mean that was the intended purpose of the game, i think the intended purpose of minecraft was to create your own intended purpose.
  11. Minecraft A Non Contact Game.........pppffffttt**holds her
    Head in Shame***
  12. Contact Game = rugby, boxing, various football codes, etc
    Non Contact Game = computer game, chess, etc
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  13. One of the things that makes Minecraft ill-suited to pvp is that the combat system is a joke, lol.

    It's kind of a mockery of video game combat ...which is fine. It's still fun to play the way it is.

    But the extreme lack of sophistication existent in Minecraft's combat system just doesn't make it very well suited to wargames or any kind of real combat-based competition. Minecraft is set up quite well to be cooperative game though. :)

    Besides, there are many many sophisticated combat-based games out there. I don't understand would anyone want to do competitive combat with other players in Minecraft?
  14. Thinking about it some more, PVP is really just a way of competing with others, but does it even need to involve combat? Mrlegits ideas of server vs server competition does sound fun, would it still be fun if combat was removed and it became a competition for builting the bases and gathering the resources?
  15. Almost everyone wants a chance to rule the empire.Even if they have to kill for it.
  16. if this actually happened, i would stay in town for those three months :(
  17. The last server I played on had PvP and it was done via a number of mods which let the players level up their sword skill, bow skill, etcetc - So the more you killed, the more proficient you became at killing.

    The end result was that a minority of players who spent their lives on MC became all out killing machines and would slaughter anyone that dared to venture into the Realm. This resulted in lots of people crying and moaning about it.

    I like the idea, but yeah, it just wouldn't work as well as you'd hope.
  18. I dont like the idea.. personally I think we should set up a league for race for wool or something like that. Iv tried but the interest doesnt seem to be there.. :(