An idea for one of the newer severs.

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  1. As we all know, each sever has four 120 by 120 lots, so I had a idea for one of them: The wall of fallen Empiens. (if that's what were called) It would be for those who have quit the sever because of griefing, stealing, or PVP. These people must be remembered as once players of EMC, and also those who didn't get to see the end of the griefer wars here on EMC.

    You might ask, "But how will we know who has left because of griefing?" Well, most people who do quit because of griefing will post on the forums, or might even PM a mod. Once someone quits BECAUSE of griefing, stealing, or PVP, (Simply walking out and not giving a reason will not get you on the wall) a sign with their name will be added to the wall. Aside from the wall, would be a community flower garden. Players will be able to place flowers, but not get rid of them. (Kind of like the spleef arena) The garden would be for players to place a flower for their friends who have quit.

    That's about all I have for now, please leave some suggestions or feedback below.
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  2. Like the idea! better than just being a empty lot!
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  3. Thanks! :) We have a a place for banned members, so it just seems right for those who have fallen to griefers!
  4. i havent been here long but seems like a cool idea..cant wait to see if it goes anywhere =)
  5. A wall of shame would be easier to maintain given the Minecraft names of the permabanned are recorded (in EMC records at least). Also I think it best not to glamorize the idea of leaving EMC.