[an idea born]The Co-operative of buyers and sellers

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  1. Good day Empire!

    I was looking at all the prices over the majority of shops and we see that it's always those scenarios:
    1. pricey, but always in stock
    2. fair priced, but that's not always what we seek huh?
    3. cheap, but almost always out of stock.

    So, I was trying to find my place as a buyer and as a seller. I ain't a super collector/hunter nor am I a greedy player. So what would you all think of a Co-operative shop?

    Let me explain it simple. Selling price = Buying Price
    The price is set in stone always under the "fair" price.
    A Co-op is in my mind a helping hand where the buyer is also the seller, making it a fairest trading system, non-profit based store.

    I don't use my own rupees to buy stuff making my buying power somewhat stable. I will definitely need supports in donation in stock or rupees to follow the growth of the Co-op so I can achieve a better buying power for the players. My money would stay accessible to the players so they can come to sell and buy as needed.

    It is only an idea born. I have no shop setup as of right now, but it will become reality if I get enough support from the community of EMC.


    I need inputs, ideas, plans, and most likely a lot of help if this idea becomes a reality :)
    Thanks for your help and May the Empire lives forever!
  2. In my opinion it will get abused due to /vault access.

    Prices on the different SMP's arent the same - at all..

    Iron on SMP1 is sold for 10r each and on SMP5 you can get it for 5r.
    and alot of other differences.. so be careful how you do it.
  3. We already have one of those, basically. It's calld d1223m's (almost) Free Trade Store, and I practically live there on SMP3 :D
  4. EDIT: The Co-op would be based in SMP7. so the prices would have to be in tune with SMP7 only, I should've mentioned. I wish there would be a way to make it happen, without killing the shop by abuse..

    Any pointers?
  5. Lots of dirt in the chests?
  6. That's a start XD
    I was thinking that to start because of my rupee balance, otherwise I would be a zero in no time huh?
  7. I will give it all more thought when I'm back from work...