an ender trading hub

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  1. So, I had this crazy idea of building a towering hub in the End, like a floating city of sort, where ender ships will go to trade goods. In my mind, it looks like a huge spintop, with docks high up around the rim and ships moored or going to and fro. The whole structure will be a shell, and inside there will be floating islands, at least one bug one with a forest, maybe smaller ones with various farms. Somewhere in there I want to include an endermen farm.

    This project... will take a long long time, so I decided to share here some pictures when some progress will be done. It might help me keep on track with it, who knows!

    If you have any suggestions, please, feel free, I'd gladly take any into consideration.

    Sooo..; So far, I've finished the shell of the outer rim, a donut tunnel that goes around the whole hub and will be the entrance to the core.
    I'm working on the roof. Endermen-proofing it as I go.

    the structure so far

    from down there at layer 1, to up there at 256

    the inner rim

    the outer rim access tunnel
  2. Looks like a fun build!
  3. I think that's really cool.
  4. Idea sounds great and what you have so far looks pretty cool!
  5. Very nice. The end is so fun to build in.
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