An EMC Resolution

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mindlegokid, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. As you all know New Years is coming up and usually people make a New Years Resolution. A Resolution is a promise that you complete after New Years Eve.

    So the reason I am posting this thread is to not know your "in real life" Resolution but an EMC Resolution. It can be anything related with EMC. For example my New Years Resolution is to achieve a Beacon block.


    Achieve 64 Diamond/Iron/Gold/Lapis Blocks (Good luck)
    Become Diamond Supporter
    Become Gold Supporter
    Become Iron Supporter
    Achieve a Beacon with a Pyramid
    Own a succesful shop.

    They are just a few ideas, you do not have to use them but you can if you wish.

    Hope to hear some Great resolutions!

  2. I plan to have 500k or more! :D I Think i could do it
  3. Hope you can do it! :)
  4. Thanks I have 86k now :) but only because my friend gave me 86k lol
  5. Reach 5mil, then hopefully 10mil