An Easter Egg in the Guide

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. So, while looking through the Guide's static image files, I came across this:

    It's called "waterworld.jpg"... is this Justin trolling us again?
  2. where are these files?
  3. i found this: ad_help.jpg ICC/Justin having fun with SMART notebook/Photoshop
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  4. So damm proud of you right now
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  5. i tried to turn it to grey text so noone would see it, didnt work :-P
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  6. There are some cool ads in there like this one
  7. i remember that post... URR MAH GURRD NOSTALGIA
  8. These are just pictures that have been uploaded by Justin/Jermy probably. Or ones they have used. This is similar the the
  9. Nope. The /static is for all of the images on the site.
  10. Exept for ours of course :p i'd hate to see it if it had the image of every sig, every post w/ images, every gif...
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  11. I found this and the name they had an arrow to seems to be appropriate for 8 year olds.....

    I circled it in orange and did the orange arrow.
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  12. What the heck are the arenas?
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  14. How did no one see that?