An apology in advance...

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  1. I am just going to apologize in advance if I am irritable, irrational, or confused/confusing these next few weeks. My life is going kind of crazy and I am brain fried (literally :p). As some of you know, I have been at band camp over the last few weeks, and the sun is really getting to me. I leave for camp at 8 AM and come back at 9 PM just to spend a day outside marching in the hellish heat and humidity of the south eastern USA which is causing my mental limits to shorten, so I am snapping a whole lot easier. Just to make life worse, my older brother left this morning for Ogden Utah, and I won't be able to see him for 2 years. If my dealings involve me being irritable, irrational, or confused/confusing, just please bare with me until all this stress is over. :oops:

    For all you ranters: This still does not give me any excuse to be a pain in the butt. Yeah, I said it, so you don't have to! :mad:

    Thank you for your patience! :)
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  2. On the bright side, you can't be nearly as big of a pain in the butt as me. So just keep that in mind :D
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  3. Band Camp is pretty fun. My day starts from 7:30am-9:30pm, most of the time being in the blazing sun, marching my ass off like the others, in preparation for the big competetions... The sun will get to you, physically or emotionally. :p
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  4. Wow! That time sucks! :p What is your average temperature and humidity?
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  5. I've taken Music Camp for a number of years now, and I can totally relate. My day starts at 8:30, however it ends at 6:00, so obviously I'm not there as long as you are.
    My camp lasts 6 weeks, and they take it upon themselves to have PE and Art incorporated atleast once each week. i wouldn't mind at all if we had decent instructors for those classes, sheesh. Oh well.
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  6. My band camp only lasts 3 weeks, so it really isn't as bad as it seems.
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  7. xD Yea I slightly over-exaggerated how bad my art/PE instructors are. Whatever, I mean camp itself isn't bad it's fun to meet new people but I pretty much have the whole camp layout memorized at this point. Seen it so many times. They never change the location over the years.
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  8. Drink a lot of water, like a half liter to a liter every hour while practicing. And if possible, hydrate beforehand in the night and morning before a practice to ensure you are properly situated. Heat exhaustion sucks, and hydration is the key to preventing it, as well as keeping your mind from snapping when it's hot. :p
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  9. Oh, heavens no. I'd have to make bathroom runs every hour if I did that xDD
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  10. I just wish our band instructors would let us stop for water more often. They are so focused on getting us to memorize the show that they forget human needs. :D
    My camp is part of school, so if anyone is bad, they are affected at school grade-wise. :oops: Also, it means that as long as high school football is going the band is going, and that means more after-school practices. I really hope we do not go to the play-offs. :D
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  11. About your older brother, maby webcam is a solution to see him in some way.
  12. Usually it's around 90 degrees F - 100 degrees F.

    Our band camp lasts about 4 weeks, starting in the summer, and finishing up during school. Every year we go up into the mountains for a few days where it's around 70 degrees F and play a bunch of games, zipline, and march, I love it. :p
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  13. Hah.

    You other countries and your camps.

    Us Brits don't need these those ;)

    Hehheheh...hehehe...hehe..ha :(
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  14. There's also skype ._.
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  15. I wish I could because he is only allowed to call twice a year.
    Lucky! :D
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  16. Lucky!!
    Our camp is based at a highschool, but it doesn't affect our grades or anything because the highschool is just the place where we meet for the camp.
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