An apology for the possible future

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  1. Hey guys, I've been under some stress lately due to some problems I'm having with my best friend. I just want to say I'm sorry if I come off as mean or rude for the remaining summer. I'm going to try to talk to her once school starts and I'm just a bit scared sometimes on what she'll think. I know some of you guys might be thinking about those embarrassing forums I made when I was new, but this isn't like those, this is more important to me as it's my best friend, the person I feel the most for. (In a non-romantic way.) Even if I do feel scared or sad, I do know that everything will be ok between me and her, with or without each other.
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  2. You can make yourself feel better by dealing with the stress. I say try to get exercise and/or take deep breaths by slowly inhaling and exhaling.:)
  3. you still the coolest maple leaf i know, even if you get mad at me in the future because of stress
    let me know when i'm too annoying, okay?
    I hope things will turn out well with your friend :(
  4. I do. Most most of the summer has been ok but it came back for some reason. >.<

    It's not that people are annoying me on EMC, it's more than I might accidentally take it out on somone. :oops:
  5. If you have a coping mechanism to deal with stress it helps a LOT! Some people like talking about it, some people like to play sports and I enjoy listing to music. Just a word of advise deal with your problems asap because the longer you leave the problem the worse it's gonna get.
  6. I take showers whenever I feel stressed so that helps. I know what I'm going to do to deal with the problem, but because I have promised myself that I will have no contact with my friend over the summer, to both give us time to think about what we think of each other, I have to wait for school to start to talk to her.
  7. plenty of internet to distract yourself with until then >.<
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  8. If you know what you have to do there's not much thinking left to do on your part, go through with whatever you have to because if this is making you be spiteful to other people it's gonna want to be dealt with.
  9. I do want to deal with it, and I am doing stuff to help get me through the summer. Applied for a job at the local movie theater, hopefully it will help for the summer. :)
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