Amusing Minecraft Humour...

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  1. I just bumped into this and got a kick out of it:


    Feel free to share any humourous Minecraft related images and/or jokes you happen upon.

    Just keep it in good taste please.
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  2. I don't know why I just do I find snow gloms funny it's all most like notch added it for a dare or he was dunk at the time! :0 though unfortunately they don't work on this server. Another thing is the hate mail that notch received and posted on twitter a couple of months back I can't find it again but it's funny!
  3. What do you think about this one ? The trollface one made me laugh my head off :D, and I understand lava rage, having died no less than 7 times from it since I am on EMC.

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  4. It had to be done.

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  5. Wife: I'm sorry honey! The Creeper was cold, that's all!

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  7. Shrubland!
    You know, because it's pre-Halloween update...
  8. I... am... not understanding... :confused:?