Amusement Park On Utopia

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  1. I want to make a whole amusement park on the utopia server! Many players, will think right now that they have to be a supporter to use it. Well lots of players don't realise that Utopia can be visited whatever you are! The exclusions are that regular and iron supporters cant claim residences, go to wild, or nether. There will hopefully be LOADS of attractions, games and more! EVERYTHING will be FREE, but... do bring your own things, or if you forget, no fear you will be able to buy it there! I REALLY need LOTS of help, you can help bye donating, or even being part of the team! Serious work will start soon so we need LOTS of rupees and help FAST! If you are interested, to donate you go into a server, then type /r pay wipple4 <TYPE DONATION HERE EG. 1000 - 1000r> or to be part of the crew just fill out this form...

    You have 10 points to spend on this form, divide them as you wish to make it correct for you!
    Are you a good redstone worker:
    Are you a good decorator:
    Are you a good rail-technision:
    Are you a good builder:
    Are you good at water physics:

    I hope you enjoy the finished result, coming sometime soon. Res number will be revealed on day of release!

    Supporters - Donators - Mods - Admins

    Donate 300r or more

    Slots - Unlimited

    Donate 1,000r or more
    Slots - Unlimited

    Donate 5,000r or more
    Slots - Unlimited

    Donate 10,000r or more
    Slots - Unlimited

    Post a complete form application
    Be part of the crew
    Gather some resources to help
    Slots - 5 Remaining

    Senior Staff
    Post a complete form application
    Be part of the crew
    Gather Lots resources to help
    Help LOADS on this project
    Slots - 2 Remaining

    Be wipple4!
    Slots - 0 Remaining

    Supporters - Donators - Mods - Admins

    Admin - Wipple4

    Senior Staff - Creeper655

    Mods -TheEpic5, eh180, Ryuga_XI, nfell2009, ooverload

    Diamond Supporters - Nole972

    Gold Supporters - BobTheTomato9798

    Iron Supporters - hayjam, lemvigh

    Donators -

    Note: Supporters and staff get benifits
  2. I love this idea even though there is all ready an amusement park this will make more people go to utopia to see people's creationss next time i am on ill donate 10k
  3. YES! You have the right idea, I got the idea from smp3, then i logged on utopia and saw that only 8 people where on out of 64! Utopia wont be as lonely as it is after all!
  4. Your 10k will make proper work start, paths, decoration, designing, plotting so it will really help!
    If other donations get to about 20k attractions will be built sooner than it would without donations!
  5. The Applaction
    Are you a good redstone worker:No
    Are you a good decorator:Yes
    Are you a good rail-technision:Kinda
    Are you a good builder:I think
    Are you good at water physics:Kind Of
  6. I love this idea im no redstone god but i know how it works im fine at decorating i hate rails and have build backwards waterslides in the past
    You have all of my rupees at your disposal most of my resorces and tell me what you dont have and i will try to find some for you
  7. you dont understand you have 10 points to equally spread them between the awnsers how u wish the higher the points on each awnser the better you are, so do that now and ill consider
  8. have you donated?
  9. As soon as I get a price for the axe I'm buing, I'll see how much I can donate. Hopefully in the thousands.
  10. also please fill out the proper form to be considred
  11. Redstone:3
    As above^^
    Great job
  12. THANKS!
  13. I love rollie costers!!
  14. Building?
  15. great you will enjoy it then, do donate to make them come faster!
  16. I can also donate rails of all kinds.
  17. Umm 7? but i dont have enough points so:
    As above^^
    Great job
  18. How would you feel about being a mod?
  19. Redstone:0
  20. that would be really helpful for the rollercoaster parts! However if you could just give the rupees instead or i might get a bit mixed up :)