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    Come Check Out The Amusement Park on smp5 at 10840
    Great Rides Include:
    Bouncy House and Bouncy House Dive
    Racing Water Slides
    And the Awesome Rollercoaster

    and if you still have time ------- > across the street ------->

    Visit the Haunted Castle
    Ride The Scarry Minecart Ride (very spooky)

    smp5 10960

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  3. The rollercoaster is awesome!! the clowns though....scary XD
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  4. I will defo check dis out! I'm building a massive maze on ,y res so I might need ur decoration skill to help (at a cost oc)
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  5. I will try to check this out when i get home! If i cant, i will anyways xD
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  6. Your amusement park is awesome! :)
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  7. It's really nicely done and fun too! Love it ;)
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  8. That place is awesome!!!
    I really loved the Rollercoaster. :)
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  10. Wow I really enjoyed the roller coaster and the ladder jump was awesome for the bouncy house! Great job!
  11. Thank you. Just something I thought would be fun for the community.
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  12. Awesome! I'll check it out soon :)
  13. Awesome.. I have been searching smp5 and I found another amusement park. Will check it out later. :)