AmusedStew's Enchants for you!

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  1. Hi, I recently started selling enchants and i want to point out that you can pm me or reply to this thread if you want something specific, and i will get it for you, thanks for reading :)
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  2. Note! Me and Amused have an Enchant shop in Our Mall at my res

    Come to /v 10747 and go to shop and you'll see the enchantment shop! We sell books and tools!
  3. Minner, dont steal mah chat color!
  4. Can I please have a Diamond Pickaxe w/ Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III & Silk Touch I please? I will be willing to pay up to 1.8K for it.
  5. That Picaxe is worth 3.5k. I can whip one up for you at 3.5.
  6. Pffftt... I bought mine for 1.5k. How about 2.4k?
  7. Fortune III unbreaking III eff IV
    Diamond pick how mush?