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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AmusedStew, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys i want to tell every EMC member this because I im a fan of emc and the mod who banned me dont care. So one day i was in the wild, and we found a house made of wood, we had flint and steel cus we were gonna mae nether portal. my friends said for me to set it on fire and that it was allowed, cus i asked them if it was. so i set it on fire and we go off on our way. 4-5 days (today), i was banned for it. I dont think this is fair and the moderator who banned me is prolly too lazy to retype /unban AmusedStew , so he just said he wasnt (im sure of it).

  2. dont be mad at the mod, he did his job. be mad at yourself for not reading the rules, and your friend for not reading the rules.
  3. If you would like to appeal a ban plz pm the mod that banned you.
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  4. Unfair? Dude, you griefed without knowing it.

    Your friend, in his mind...
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  5. SlumDog i tried that, he didnt give a horeses tail
  7. Then you should have read the guide, its no ones fault but yours.
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  8. Posting this on the forums, using excessive caps, and calling a moderator "lazy" is not going to help you get unbanned. You should have read the rules. You don't think this is fair... it is fair because you broke the rules and now you are banned.
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  9. ok all u people, how about this...
    What if YOU were banned wudnt u try ur best to get unbanned?
  10. May I ask which staff that banned you?
  11. How would I get banned, I read the guide
  12. Yeah but most of us would read the rules

    And also just an FYI.......griefing is kinda a no-no on most servers so I would think people would read up on server rules ESPECIALLY on griefing and where it is allowed
  13. EmundWayne
  14. this is one of the worst ways to try to get unbanned..
  15. I guess I'm the "lazy mod" who banned him. If there were a way to increase the ban from permanent to super-ultra-permanent, that's what I would do.

    The structure he burned was a lovely and complex structure that someone put a lot of work into. The OP showed up there with his Flint and Steel and burned it to the ground. Now there's a bunch of stone and glass, but all of the supporting wood, wool, etc. is gone. All of the builder's plans are destroyed. I have no sympathy for griefers. None!

    AmusedStew, you can try to bring this up to a senior mod or admin, but I will show them this thread, I will show them the damage you did, and I will show them the appeal that you already made to me which I already denied.

    Your only option at this point is to find another server. I advise you to read their rules before you get banned there, too.
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