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  1. So I'm sick :p and I get a HUGE head rush when I stand up so sadly I can't be on EMC.. So instead I'm on my iPod grazing the forums. So this thread post:
    - random crap
    - funny crap
    - story... Crap (?)

    Please!! I've read like ever forum! Besides the ones by Aikar cause you know, there all about him ruining the economy XD

    But seriously thanks to the EMC staff! Your the best! Without you, i would be more lifeless than I am now XD
  2. Here's my backyard.
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  3. I hope you feel better soon.

    Con los terroristas!





  4. You lucky little plug. All the snow in my backyard is almost melted.
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  5. I think somebody might recognise this dog....
  6. well hey. tada
    Here's a llama
    There's a llama
    and another little llama
    Fuzzy Llama
    Funny Llama
    Llama Llama duck

    Llama llama
    cheesecake llama
    tablet, brick, potato, llama
    llama llama mushroom llama
    llama llama duck

    I was once a tree house
    I lived in a cake
    but i never saw the way
    the orange slayed the rake
    I was only three years dead
    but it told a tale
    and now listen little child
    to the safety rail

    Did you ever see a llama
    kiss a llama
    on the llama
    llama's llama
    tastes of llama
    llama llama duck

    Half a llama
    Twice a llama
    not a llama
    farmer llama
    llama in a car
    alarm a llama
    llama duck

    is that how its told now
    is it oh so old
    is it made of lemon juice
    doorknob, ankle, cold
    Now my song is getting thin
    I've run out of luck
    Time for me to retire now
    and become a duck
  7. Lucky duck!
    THAT'S not MY DOG!!'
  8. Thanks!

    HARLEM SHAKE!! Lol I love the Miami heat version of it
  9. Then I might not have meant you lol
  10. I know...
  11. Jc, you are soooo lucky! Here in Florida we dont even see that stuff! :(
  12. jake_bagby asked Bigdavie to reset a res, the following happened...
    2013-02-12_18.33.13.png 2013-02-12_18.33.44.png 2013-02-12_18.34.17.png
  13. It's pretty warm in Colorado. It sucks.
  14. A simple hidden chest system I designed for my friends ans mine world on the xbox version
    2013-02-15_21.56.05.png 2013-02-15_21.56.28.png 2013-02-15_21.56.47.png
  15. Be jealous of my snow >:D
  16. You don't want too :p
    I'm not jealous. Here in England we've only just stopped having 40cm thick snowfall for about 20 days it's spring weather >.>
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  17. F
    I'm sick of it by now...