America's Downfall (Story)

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  1. America's Downfall
    If you read the title all the way through then you know this thread is a STORY and not real life (I live in America so you would know if an invasion took place!). As of today at 2:09 PM EST March 23, 2012 I will be posting a new segment every week. Unfourtunatly I cannot tell you exactly what day of the week as it will be when able I'm able to get on. This story takes place in New York in 2017.
    *Author's Note: None of this material is meant to be offensive, if it is I appologize if so.

    (This is the thing you find on the back cover of a book)
    Without warning, on June 23, 2015 a lightning
    strike of force and cunning came from Russia against Britain.
    While the infamous Russian armored division rumbled throught the streets
    of London crushing anything in their way.
    Nothing mattered to the Russian Prime Minister except dominaion...
    Total domination.
    London fell with no resistance as it was a total surprise to the British Goverment
    and thus they were unable to formulate a proper response.
    America's downfall lasted much longer.
    First Atlanta, then Chicago, and finally D.C. and New York.
    After those cities fell the rest of the Amercain spirit crumbled.
    The Russians swiftly take the Americain land for their own.
    Resistance is only spoken of in whispers... Or is it?
  2. "Eat this commy b*******!"
    An explosion of tremendous force ripped the air above the Second Russian Tank Division. Concrete and plaster rained down around the Russian forces.
    "YEAH!, suck on t-"
    Cpt. William "Roman" Marcos clamped his hand down on the mouth of Pfc. Write.
    "Shhh, they're already searching for targets. Let's make like a bannana and split." Roman's second in command Sgt. Jack Mars looked over at Roman and smirked.
    "That bad?" Roman asked.
    A look of pain came over Roman's face as he digested this new information.
    "Holy s***, get down!!"
    A spray of bullets flew over the head of Marcos' small band of fighters. Roman unslung his FN Scar and wildly sprayed in what he thought was the enemies direction.
    A white hot pain jabbed into Roman's arm and shoulder one after the other.
    Roman let loose a wild scream of pain and sank into dark, inky oblivion.
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  12. Looking foward to reading this.
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  13. Thanks if you do enjoy.. umm... what I've done so far spread the word!
  14. Great Idea :Di'd like to see the russian ground forces take Credenhill UK they would have a tough fight with the Chey-Tac M200s the Russians will be like What the ... xD
    lol, really though. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I have been working on my own little futuristic book. But with aliens. Looking forward to reading it soon!
  16. *Putin reads* "OMG it's about mee!!"
  17. America may be in Billions of Dollars a debt, but I believe that with with such strong companies in America still thriving america will pull through,these are tough times but the are not impossible.
  18. I'd prefer not to turn this into a debate guys. :p However the 1st ch should be out by 8 EST.
  19. Write faster lol.
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  20. I'm trying man, but I just happened to realize I could update my server so i did plus im in court (on my server) AND i have to do research