Amazing year spent with EMC.

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  1. Hello members of Empire Minecraft! I am here to tell you guys I am proud to say I have been with EMC for a year. In 4 hours and some odd minutes I will turn 1 years old in the Empire Minecraft community! If you guys have any questions about my stay with Empire Minecraft I would love to answer them, also if you ever have a question and you realize I am online send me a private message in-game asking me the question and I will answer it the best I can. :) 2012-11-02_19.34.04.png
  2. there is 365 days in a year, :p you've missed one.
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  4. yeah yeah yeah, i'm just picking on you! anyway, happy burfsday ^.^ here is a cake!

  5. I have a question!
    Has there ever been a corrupted moderator in your time? I've never seen one on EMC, just corrupted members. He shall not be named is a good example ;)
  6. What an interesting question to ask, SoulPunisher! I must choose my words wisely but I can't really say there has been a corrupt moderator, but I do know every now and then they can have their rough days. :)
    PS I clicked on your egg just for you!
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  7. Who doesn't? :p
    Also, I seen your gray text :p Thankies.
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  8. 371 days here. 366 days to make this year (leap year every 4 years ;))
  9. Are you rich? If you are can you give me money?
  10. I would not consider myself rich but I can say that begging is not the best way for money. Making a shop is the best way!
  11. happy one year skilled :D
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  12. Thanks! :)