Amazing video - Videogame theme half-time show

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  1. Daniel Kaplan of Mojang found this on Reddit, tweeted it, I watched it in awe and now I am sharing it with EMC. :)
  2. That is the greatest marching band ever. I am so amazed right now.
  3. I dont know which one is better - Twitch's Video or Toaster's (>.<)
  4. I had to share that to my College's Marching Band Facebook Page. Blows our performance last night out of the water...
  5. Too bad Toaster's submission was upside down...
    The video would fit great in the Nintendo thread since every game featured in that video was a Nintendo 1st Party game. :) Still really cool though. :)
  6. Then yours it is?
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  7. Fixed your punctuation. :p
  8. Fixed your puctuation AND spelling :p
  9. What? You misspelled the word punctuation even though it was spelled out for you immediately above in my quote... You failed. :D
    Also, you didn't get what I was saying. It should have been a statement made with strong emotion, not a question. :cool:
  10. Fail.jpg Well, I fail.

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