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  1. I didn't even know i took a snapshot of this. I'm in my Residence and the house is Henpenden's.
    Beautiful Picture.png
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  2. He's saying that Henpenben's is amazing. He's taking the screenshot from his own res.
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  3. That's really cool......omg now i want to go and take screenshots of stuff ()_o
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  4. I thought the sun-rise behind the house was awesome, and being random was a part of the amazing part. Thanks for the Troll. [^.^]
  5. I think its a cool screenshot D:
  6. Not saying it was a rude comment, i thought you were sarcastic, But thanks :D
  7. Now that I see its not about the bits of cobble on your res...

    And I really can't tell if you're being sarcastic..
  8. I Was being sarcastic, sorry for being Rude. :/
  9. Am I missing the point here?
  10. Just a cool sun-rise random picture.
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  11. That's awesome!
  12. Asking for likes is against the rules. Likes go to those who earn them, not ask for them.
  13. Sorry didn't know.
  14. I love taking screenshots like these :3 Have you used the Shader Mod before? Sunsets look so cool with it. :)
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  15. I'm using them :p
  16. All of these have been taken by me but not on EMC.

    I think we can say these are EPIC.
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  17. Amateur.
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  18. You go do that :p

    EDIT: Just realized, in the words of Jkjkjk182, this thread just got pony'd.
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